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    Fatek PLC με τις παρακάτω καρτές επεκτάσεις. Στα κουτιά τους με μηδαμινή χρίση. Αγορασμένα για εγκατάστασή που δεν έγινε ποτέ τελικά...Δίνονται πακέτο όλα μαζί. Τιμή συζητήσιμη · FBs-60MCJ2-AC controller 230V AC power supply 36 digital inputs 24VDC (including 8 200 kHz inputs) 24 transistor PNP outputs (including 8 200 kHz outputs) Communication: RS-232 Interrupt service Real-time clock Extension can be added Software tools: FATEK · FBs-60XYJ-AC High-quality binary expansion module FBs-60XYJ-AC from Fatek. It has 36 discrete low-speed inputs and 24 transistor outputs. It has a built-in SPW24-AC power source. Rated current of fuse 2A, 250 V. · FBs-16YJ Extension module for FBs controllers 16 transistor PNP outputs · FBs-4A2D module Extension module for FBs controllers 4 analog inputs 2 analog outputs Input / Output value : -8192~8191 or 0~16383 (14-bit) Input/output Signal range Bipolar Voltage: -10~10V or -5~5V Current: -20~20mA or -10~10mA Unipolar Voltage: 0~10V or 0~5V Current: 0~20mA or 0~10mA Maximum resolution Voltage: 0.3mV (5V/16384) Current: 0.61μA (10mA/16384) Accuracy ±1% · FBs-CBE 1 port 10 Base T Ethernet communication board Network interface 10 Base T Network protocol TCP/UDP/IP, ICMP, ARP Application protocol FATEK client and server mode, Modbus-TCP server mode PLC interface Port1, Port2 PLC communication speed 115.2 Kbps

    800.00 EUR

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