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    Αχρησιμοποίητο μικρο-ωμόμετρο ακριβείας στην θήκη του. Αγορασμένο πριν 4 χρόνια. Τιμή συζητήσιμη. Τιμή στην αγορά: 2500€ Περιοχή: Άγιοι Ανάργυροι, Αθήνα. Το παραδίδουμε οπουδήποτε στην Αττική. A portable solution for measuring low resistance levels in many different applications, Sonel's MMR-620 includes multiple measurement modes, easy-to-configure testing procedures and delivers consistent, accurate results with low resolution. The following measurement modes are available on the Sonel MMR-630 low resistance ohmmeter: Normal Mode - standard insulation resistance test Automatic Mode - as the test leads are connected to the object, the MMR-620 will automatically start the measurement with dual direction current flow and average result display Continuous Mode - every 3 seconds for resistive objects or continuous measurement on inductive objects Window Mode - set an upper/lower limit with display of average measurement result All measurement results can be stored directly in the MMR-630's internal memory, with support for download to PC (requires Sonel's optional software package). Sonel MMR-630 Micro-Ohmmeter Key Features Measure low resistance levels on resistive and inductive objects Max test current of 10A Resistance range to 1999Ω Enhanced resolution compared to the MMR-620 Automatic and manual selection of measurement range Multiple measurement modes - normal, automatic, continuous and window Built-in memory storage with space for 990 records and support for download to PC Quick PASS/FAIL test function Portable, lightweight design supplied with straps for hanging around the neck What's Included? Sonel MMR-630 Micro Ohmmeter 2 x Test Leads (3m) 4 x Crocodile Clips 2 x Kelvin Vice Carrying Case Cable for Battery Charger NiMH Battery Pack RS232 Serial Communication Cable 2 x Double Pin Kelvin Probes Hanging Straps User Manual Calibration Certificate

    1,000.00 EUR

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