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Steam and water properties based on the "International Association for Properties of Water and Steam Industrial Formulation 1997 (IAPWS IF-97). A full implementation of the IF-97 standard that provides very accurate steam and water properties in ranges from 0-1000 bar and 0-2000°C for use in process Engineering Industry . Provided thermodynamic properties are:


- Temperature

- Pressure

- Enthalpy

- Specific volume

- Density

- Specific entropy

- Specific internal energy

- Specific isobaric heat capacity

- Specific isochoric heat capacity

- Speed of sound

- Viscosity

- Vapour fraction


All properties can be calculated with the inputs, p and T known, p and h known, h and s known and some with pressure and density known. X Steam are a full implementation of the IF-97 formulation for industrial use including all regions and backward functions for good calculation speed. The code are speed optimized with pressure and enthalpy as inputs for dynamic simulations.


The code are avalible in the following releases:


- Matlab (XSteam Steam and water properties for Matlab)

- Excel (XSteam Steam and water properties as MS Excel Script)

- Ooo Calc (Open Office, Star Office) (XSteam Steam andwater properties as Ooo Script)

- LabVIEW (XSteam Steam and Water properties for LabVIEW)

- Application (XSteam standalone application by Ken Chan. .exe file.)

- Free Basic (XSteam freebasic translation of source)

- Dynamic Link Libary (.dll for use with for example Fortran, LabVIEW or VC++ etc.)


X Steam State Diagram Examples

Example state diagrams (mollier diagrams) created in MS Excel. Excel version XP or 2003 or later.

ph-Digaram, SI Units

hs-Digaram, SI Units




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